Since the automated games are down and it might be hard for active or new people to find premade games to join, I have started my own Z-game feature. I'll make a bunch of games from maps in the New Maps category with a decent ban list. Once someone joins a game, I will drop out, and after the second player joins I will start the game. So if you see that I have made a ton of games in public, don't think that you'll be playing me if you join!

I will mix in Fog and Tag games, but not nearly as many as the old Z-games had. I'm also not 100% positive on what a good ban list for Tags are, so I apologize if that's not very good. Keep in mind i'm making these games pretty quickly, and that they're meant for purely casual play.

If you have a map that you would like to be included in the z-games, or if you have a ban list that you'd like to suggest for a map, let me know and I can implement it. Similarly, if I'm including a map of yours and you want me to take it out (to edit it, etc), just let me know. Also, if you have an older map that you would like to get tested, I can include that too. I would prefer to keep the majority of the maps as newer maps though.

Edit: I have figured out a system for making the games. At the start of every month, I will choose a large number of maps made in the previous month, and use those maps for the entire next month of Z-games. So for example, in August there will be games available on the 39 maps made in July that I have selected. This allows the most games to be played on the maps that will first be removed from the New Maps category.

Upon request, below is a list of the current maps for July and August, in no particular order. Note that I try not to use maps that I think are in need of edits, or that might be confusing for newbies to play on (ghost units, excessive black tiles, etc).

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