There are multiple victory conditions in Advance Wars By Web, not all of them are possible every game.

Annihilation Edit

Kill Everything that's not yours and you win, simple

Head Quarters Capture Edit

Capturing a HQ defeats the owning player, no matter what, if a player owns multiple HQs the capture of any of them eliminates the owner.

Lab Monopoly Edit

If there are no HQs Labs take their place, they work like HQs except you have to capture all of a players labs to eliminate them.

Property Edit

In some games taking a set number of properties under your control wins you the game. Most of the time this option is left off, but be sure to check for it when joining a game!

Forfeit Edit

Sometimes the only way to win is to get the other player to give up

Draw Edit

Not actually a victory condition, but if both players agree be clicking (set draw) the game is officially tied, use it to end stalemates.

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