Unit Classification Direct Ground Vehicle
Movement 6
Ammo 9
Vision 3
Movement Type Treads
Cost 7000


Tanks are the primary combat units in Advance Wars. Their cost and effectiveness against most other land units makes them a staple on every front. Sometimes, being the one with the first Tank may decide a game.

To illustrate why Tanks are so important, look at the game this way: The purpose of every other unit (exceptions being Infantry, recons, and transport units) is to either destroy Tanks or to counter units that destroy Tanks. Even Tanks themselves are made to destroy other Tanks. Therefore, this game relies on how effectively players protect their Tanks, and how effectively they can destroy their opponent's. A front without Tanks is like a soldier without a gun. So build many.

With that said, Tanks need protection. After all, a Tank is about as easily lost as it is created. The primary way to shield Tanks (as well as other units) is to have a wall of infantry shields that prevent first strikes on Tanks. This forces opponents to make extra attacks that would otherwise hit one's Tanks. In addition, placing Artillery behind Tanks will deter opponents from directly attacking.

Use Tanks to destroy primary land units (Anti-Air, Artillery, Infantry etc.), but be cautious of higher tier Tanks.

The best counters to Tanks are B-Copters, Artillery, and Mechs, as well as higher tier Tanks. With strategic placement, these units will deter Tank progression.