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Sturm has two day-to-day powers. The movement cost for all terrain on clear weather is 1 for Sturm's units. This is especially useful if the map you are playing on is dense with forested areas, mountains, or reefs. Sturm's recons will have an excellent movement range in clear weather, especially in forested areas, where your opponents have lower movement range.

His other day-to-day power is an reduce in attack and increase in defense.

Some other remarks are: 

-If your opponent attacks first, you receive less damage and can deal a more powerful counter attack.

-If you strike first, you will deal less damage and your opponent will have a more powerful counter attack.

- For airplanes, indirect hits and subs attacks are far more important than defense. If one of these unit is hit, it takes huge damage and one should prevent these units from being hit, even if you are Sturm.

I would like to say something about defense. If your defense is 130%, your units take 30% less damage. Each terrain star also provides a +10% defence, multiplied by your units health and divided by 10. Sturm's 10 HP infantry will have 20+10*4=65% defence on mountains. This means that if Sturm's infantry is attacked, it will recieve 60% less damage. That means that Sturm's units will take 40% damage on terrain that grants 4 terrain stars. Units owned by COs without defense boost will recieve 60% on terrain with 4 terrain stars. This means Sturms 10 HP units take 33,3% less damage on mountains compared to other COs! For terrain with 3 terrain stars this is 28%, For 2 terain stars this is 25%. For 1 terrain star this is 22% and for 0 terain stars this is 20%.

Sturm deals less attack. But if his units are deployed in terrain which provides good defence, he will also receive considerable less damage. For example: If a 100/100 CO attacks with a 10 HP tank,deployed on a road, a 10HP tank of sturm, deployed in a city. The tank of Sturm will take only 27% damage and deal 35% damage on a counter attack (If the defending CO is also a 100/100 CO then both tanks take 38% damage). If Sturm's tank is deployed on a road. The tank of Sturm will take 44% damage and deal 27% on a counter attack. So if you are playing with Sturm extra terrain defence matters! (especially mech on mountains will become tough)

Partially Edited by ZhugeTsuki because original was written by a 12 year old.


Day to Day: Terrain cost is 1 on all terrain (except in snow). Units are weaker offensively (-20%), but stronger defensively (+20%)

Power: Meteor Strike -- A 3 Range missile hits the accumulation of the opponent's most expensive units and deals 4 HP damage

Super: Meteor Strike II -- A 3 Range missile hits the accumulation of the opponent's most expensive units and deals 8 HP damage



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