Unit Classification Direct Air Vehicle
Movement 6
Ammo 6
Vision 4
Movement Type Air
Cost 24000

The stealth has poor movement for its cost and for being an air unit, and it´s noticeably weaker than a bomber. So why does it cost more than a bomber? Because you can hide it with its stealth ability, thus having the same features of a submerged sub, except that it´s a plane, which moves around the whole map, wreaking havoc among your enemy lines, and where the only units capable of hitting them are fighters or other stealths (yes, not even missiles or AAs can damage them while in stealth mode), thus making this a high pressuring unit. It is not common to see stealths, but when used correctly they can completely change the tide of a game.

However, there is a big drawback to it:

While in stealth mode, a stealth loses 8 units of fuel per day instead of the usual 5, that coupled with its low fuel capacity (60) guarantees that a stealth wont be in stealth mode for more than 3 or 4 turns before having to go back and ressuply, unless, somehow, you manage to get an APC to the frontlines to supply it, but that would give the stealth´s location away.

Use stealths carefully.