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Sasha is a Blue Moon CO who appears in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. She is the older sister of Colin and also relies heavily on money to either weaken her enemies or to gain more money. Mostly ladylike, but gets daring when infuriated.

Blue Moon CO Sasha


Receives +100 income per property (Note: Labs and Comtowers do not count towards this)

Power: Market Crash -- Reduce enemy CO power bar(s) by 10% per 5000 funds

Super: War Bonds -- Receive funds for damage dealt to enemy units (50% of the respective funds damage)


There a two very interesting things about Sasha to say: her day-to-day and her CO power

Her day-to-day allows her to get 10% more funds, which is a 10% advantage over normal 100/100 CO. She doesn't has any disadvantages with anything only an advantage.

Her CO power takes only two boxes to be filled, so she can easely launch her CO power. This sets her units at 110/110 and reduces the enemies power bar(s). If you make sure to have sufficient cash, you can make sure that your opponents can use their powers very little. This is especially nice on Team-games where your power can damage multiple opponents. Her CO power is also usefull in so-called zombie-games.

Disadvantages : She doesn't seem to have any disadvantages, however she has one. Her major disadvantage is that her (S)CO does not grant her much increasing firepower or damaging your opponents units. Her powers are usefull, but they can't help her to break through enemy lines.

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