Aw2sami Power3


Sami is an Orange Star CO who appears in all Advance Wars except Days of Ruin. She is second to none in terms of Infantry and her soldiers can also capture properties faster. She is the apparent love interest of Green Earth CO Eagle as seen in many of the games.

Sami, in Dual Strike


Day to Day: Direct units have -10% attack (except stealth), footsoldiers have +30% firepower and capture buildings 50% quicker (rounded down); Transports gain +1 Movement

Power: Double Time -- Footsoldiers gain +20% power and +1 Movement

Super: Victory March -- Footsoldiers gain +40% power, +2 Movement, and capture any building in one turn (even with 1 HP)


Sami is pretty straight forward. Spam infantry and Mech's early and establish a foot hold on front bases. Using your CO power to quickly move your untis forward is not a bad idea, BUT the end all strategy is her SCO power. Transporting a few infantry behind your opponent's base to quickly capture their HQ can be a quick finish to a long war.

Utilize the extra movement speed of APC's and take the middle of the map before your opponent can.

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