Unit Classification Direct Ground Vehicle
Movement 8
Ammo N/A
Vision 5
Movement Type Wheels
Cost 4000

Recons are only good at three things.

1- Disrupting early property captures by your opponent: Most maps will enable a recon to be built at around day 3 or 4, if said recon can disrupt and enemy infantry from capturing a vital property (airport, com tower, or a very contested city which would benefit you a lot) then a recon can be afforded, but bear in mind it can achieve it´s mission before the opponent is able to send a tank or artillery to destroy it.

2- At attacking far away units: Picture an scenario where your opponent has a range of assorted units protecting some arties or rockets. Your own tanks are superior in number, and can easily cripple his meatshields, but they would be left open the next turn for your opponent´s indirects and oncoming reinforcements, as the indirect units are too far away. That´s when the recon enters the fray, as it´s higher movement will most of the time enable it to rush weak units to perhaps, not destroy them but cripple them enough to make them relatively useless. Watch out for heavy terrain, as recons will be greatly hindered by it.

3-In FoW, they find their biggest use: As they are cheap, have great mobility and have a very needed range of vision. Recons serve a scout role, as their name imply.

It should be noted Sturm greatly benefits from recons, as his recons arent hindered by heavy terrain and thus, their 8 movement range is greatly seen in effect.