Aw2rachel Power1


A young Orange Star CO. She strives to follow in the footsteps of her big sister, Nell. Gives a breath of fresh air to her units.

Hits: Hard work

Miss: Excuses


Day to Day: Properties repair 3 damage instead of 2.

Power: Lucky Lass -- Improves Luck (0-40%)

Super: Covering Fire -- Three missiles (that work exactly like silos) are fired. These are aimed using the following criteria:

  • the first missile will try to inflict as much HP damage as possible, but will heavily prioritize infantry: infantry HP is counted 3x, 6x if they are capturing, to be more precise. In case of a tie, it hits as many infantry as possible. In cases where there is no infantry (even if there are mechs), it hits the exact top left corner tile of the map.

  • the second missile aims to inflict the most damage, calculated in funds.

  • the third missile will try to inflict the most HP damage, without prioritizing infantry.

  •  In case of further ties, it hits the clump closer to the top left corner of the map.
  •  Each missile takes the damage dealt by earlier missiles into account.
  •  (AWBW only) Each missile won't care if Rachel's units get damaged as long as damage is optimized according to the above criteria.


Rachel favors a slightly more aggressive style of play than normal; her improved repairs allow her to keep exchanging blows using units like tanks everyday and eventually get on top, not to mention it lets her charge up the (usually) game-ending Covering Fire. Just beware of starting fights despite a disadvantage, whether it may be in numbers or unit strength.

Rachel shares a problem with fellow repair-oriented CO Andy in that they often eschew CO powers for their much superior Super CO powers; Lucky Lass, however, sees better use on larger maps, where the enemy can easily divert Covering Fire, or when the enemy decides to mingle his troops with Rachel's, hoping to get her units hit by the missiles as well.

To use Covering Fire most effectively, one can destroy enemy units and clumps that are not part of the intended targets. It is often best to activate Covering Fire the turn you've enough star power to prevent the enemy from diverting the missiles; one can even make seemingly suicidal attacks (e.g. B-copter attacking an Anti-Air) just to get it off a turn earlier and catch the enemy off-guard.

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