Unit Classification Indirect Ground Vehicle
Range 3-5
Movement 4
Ammo 6
Vision 5
Movement Type Tires
Cost 12000

An indirect unit which hard hits every air units, one hit ko´ing every air unit under normal circustances.

However, it´s poor movement, it´s high cost, and it´s not-big-enough range makes it an almost never used unit. Copters and bombers can work their way around missiles, they also move farther than the missile´s range, thus making it impossible to make air units to back off while a missile is around unless the missile is a few spaces back off the front it´s protecting.

However, they may see more usage during FoW games, where the missile´s awesome vision can help it become a turret of sorts against copters, making your opponent think you have AAs or copters of your own hidden.

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