Need someone more experienced to write about the standard metagame here. Hell, Rand, Walker, US, fdk, etc etc. - forbs

Absolutely Essential Basic Strategy and Tactics

It's highly recommended to refer to the Basic Strategy Guide if you are just starting out. These tips are invaluable for players of all skill levels, and mastering the basics is the quickest way to drastically improve your skill level!


At start on day 1, you should check the map in daylight by clicking the link at the bottom, to help see the location of available factories/bases or any nearby preowned enemy cities (fta counter) .

Much gameplay techniques are as for non-fog. Getting good vision with recon and footsoldiers on mountain can help, and meanwhile hiding units on forest is clearly important too.

Be careful about stumbling into enemy units in the dark when advancing your units, because, If your unit movement is interupted, you will be unable to fire with that particular unit, though of course you may subsequently strike the now visible enemy unit with another of your forces.

Dont play too meekishly, nor overly confident. Imagine your opponent is playing good sensible moves in the fog. Dont forget if he deploys a lot of force in one place he must be weak elsewhere which you need to quickly exploit. Blanci1.

Tag CO

Note. Tag at awbw works less powerfully than the extreme way on the handhelds. For Tag games, you can choose 2 COs for one game. This means you can switch COs during the battle. For example, If you choose Hawke and Andy, you can be Hawke then later on when you feel it may be better you can AT THE END OF DAY/TURN switch over to Andy. Switching Is done by clicking on 'tag CO'. BEWARE This will end your turn without warning! During one turn, you may only ever use the CO set at turn start. CO Power is activated and works as normal. However, at turn end, should you switch CO , then that CO power will also end. This can be useful if you want to recharge your charge meter during your next turn, or perhaps to use your other CO Power on next turn. Of course you lose out on the defensive aspect of power when your opponent attacks you on his turn between while.


Cooperation and comunication Using private communication ("press") to partner really helps. ("press" facility can be found during game on side bar ) Depending on the map, the partners may try to choose complementing COs. Units may freely pass over other units from same team. However it is difficult to coordinate defense, deployment or attack if a teammates units are too much in the way. Usually best operate in seperate zones. Can be difficult to get co operation.

Can be great fun.


Multiplayer games or multiteam cannot really be totally fair because 2 people may gang up on the 3 rd, say, putting the latter at big disadvantage. Saying that, most multis i played in were fair without much ganging up, and rather fun. When 1 army begins to dominate one might expect lesser armies to cooperate though usually at awbw people dont bother much, or leave it too late.

High Funds