Unit Classification Infantry
Movement 2
Ammo 3
Vision 2
Movement Type Boots
Cost 3000

Mechs are infantry-type units that have strong advantages against vehicles. Mechs are stronger than regular infantry in attack and defense, but are still vulnerable to first strikes from anti-air and tanks.

Like infantry, they can capture properties, and have a +3 vision bonus on mountains in fog.

Though the mobility of mechs is a weakness in most cases, their ability to traverse all terrain with 1 movement makes them dangerous on mountains and forests.

Mechs are only marginally more robust than infantries. For these reasons, it may be better to build several grouped Mechs. If an enemy tank kills the first one, then it is now in range for the second Mech to strike it

When building mechs, they should reach the frontlines relatively quickly in order to be effective. Mechs are cheaper, slower tanks, and can be very useful when used effectively, but a wast of funds if used poorly.

Mech floodEdit

When a player creates almost exclusively mechs, it is called a mech flood. This tactic involves overwhelming your opponent with massive numbers. Mech flood takes a map with relatively many factories. Due to the inexpensive nature of mechs and their ability to destroy vehicles fairly well, Mech flood can be a nasty strategy to deal with. The mech flood strategy is best used on smaller maps where the poor movement of mechs doesn't play as big of a factor.

Countering mech floodEdit

The cheapest way of countering mech rush is to build a lot of infantry. Infantry are much cheaper than mech and are comparable in defense and fire power. Mechs have slightly more firepower, but less movement. Because your opponent has in most cases an advantage with mech and mech are slightly stronger than infantry, you cant rely solely on infantry. Other units that are useful are indirect combat units like artillery and rockets. Make sure that your indirects can't be damaged by your opponent. You should also be aware that some powers or super powers grant a boost in movement, which can be useful when used at the right time. Generally speaking, recons, tanks and anti-air not useful in countering mech rushes, since they're expensive and have poor defense against mechs. If you attack a mech with one of them, the unit will receive a counter-attack and be destroyed the next turn by another mech. You will need anti-airs to destroy some air units, but don't use any anti-airs to attack mech swarms.

When are mech floods doomed to fail?Edit

Mech flood are doomed to fail if your opponent has lots of indirect-combat units. It's better not to use mech floods against Grit, who might have sufficient artillery to destroy all incoming mechs. Kanbei can't be easily defeated by mech floods either, since his infantry cost 1200 (compared to 3000 for a mech) and have +30% attack and defense so his infantry are cheaper and stronger than your mechs. Grimm can also counter mech floods with infantry. His infantry have more movement than mechs (for first hits) and can heavily damage mechs on roads. There are also a few other situations in which mech floods fail.

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