Unit Classification Direct Ground Vehicle
Movement 5
Ammo 8
Vision 1
Movement Type Treads
Cost 16000

The Medium tank obliterates most ground units on roads except for tanks bigger than it (Neos and MTs) and it fares well against itself. It has lesser mobility than it´s siblings under and above him (Tanks and Neos) But it´s fairly cost-effective when affordable, and even though a Neo has higher attack and mobility, a Medium tank + artillery combination is almost always better. The extra firepower and movement space from the Neo is devastating, but the MD already destroys or at least severely cripples most ground units even in high terrain, and having a indirect unit to cover your MD is a better choice. MD tanks see most of it´s usage in maps where it can reach the front at the same rate as tanks, where it´s movement´s only drawback would be to reach a far-away unit. But the MD´s Main role is not to reach far away units, but to destroy walls and open paths bettween meatshields for lesser units to attack indirects behind enemy lines, so the MD will do very well as long as it can reach the fronts relatively fast. Then maps with two bases and decent funds should see some MD usage, as there is not a lot of infantry spam and thus not a lot of meatshields for arty and tank play.

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