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Kanbei is the Emperor and also a CO of Yellow Comet. He is known for having the persona of a modern samurai. His forces have increased firepower and defence although they are more expensive than any other COs in the games. He has a large defence and firepower increase, which makes him a really overpowered CO.

Yellow Comet CO Kanbei


Day to Day: Units cost 20% more, but get 130/130 stats.

CO Power: Morale Boost -- Unit attack is increased by 10%.

Super CO Power: Samurai Spirit -- Boosts attack by 20%, defense by 20%, and his counterattacks do 50% more damage.


Kanbei has a very rough early game, and often must grab the closest properties possible just to not get behind in vehicle count.

You may have to build a lot more infantry, and a lot fewer tanks, but never fret, as Kanbei's units are, pound-for-pound, the best ones in the game. Units of most COs will actually take more damage than they deal in same-unit matchups, even when they get first strike.

Most opponents, realizing that, will try to fight with more expensive units like MD tanks. Artillery will easily deal with them, and it is possible to clean them up afterwards with light tanks.

Always try to save up for Samurai Spirit; your day-to-day bonuses will do the job most of the time, and Morale Boost is rather weak for 4 stars.

Kanbei may have serious difficulties on maps where he has to build transports; he gains nothing much from transport units, and building them will take a large cut out of the funds Kanbei desperately needs early on. Think twice before picking Kanbei on such maps.

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