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Jake (Japanese: ジョン John) is an Orange Star CO. He is young and energetic, as well as a top-notch Tank commander. His specialties are the wide-open Plains on which both his Ground and Air Units get a firepower boost. He has no real weaknesses, and as such is a good CO for beginners.

He appears in the third game and has a soft spot for Sasha. He is friendly, shown when he convinces Hawke to join the celebration festivities with the other allies. He also has a grasp of the English language that is so poor you want to slap him silly until he gets it right. But all in all, he is a solid CO.


Day to Day: Jake's units gain +10% attack as long as they are on a plains tile.

Power: Beat Down -- Land indirect's gain +1 Range; Plains bonus increased by +10%

Super: Block Rock -- Land indirect's gain +1 Range; Plains bonus increased by +30%; Vehicles gain +2 Movement


Jake is solid on many common AWBW maps, with no inherent weaknesses and better than average d2d offensive power on plains. One of the most interesting aspects of Jake is not actually his d2d abilities, though. His COP comes fairly early, and with it you get an okay attack boost added to plains on top of your d2d, but usually more importantly, a boost to the range of your indirect units.

In many cases, your opponent will have to rethink their entire strategy simply because of your ability to temporarily have Grit-style range. It's fantastic for breaking infantry and artillery stalemates. Worst case scenario for a Jake player, your opponent is forced to retreat his units for a day, giving up valuable ground and possibly even cities. Best case scenario, your opponent cannot fall back one tile without lose something valuable and will instead hold their ground, and you'll inflict significant artillery damage on their walls. Time your COP use well, and your opponent will definitely start to hate the subtleties of Jake's abilities.

Your SCOP gives a similar effect, but with two key differences: Even more plains damage, and a +2 to movement for all vehicles. The second bonus here is nice for a number of reasons. The most obvious is to get first strike on tank vs tank fights, especially on maps featuring lots of open plains where your direct units buffed by the SCOP will devastate enemy units for a turn. However, it's also quite nice for positioning of indirect's if the map in question has longer supply lines. However, your COP already gives you the +1 to indirect range, so you should really only save up for the SCOP if you plan on taking advantage of the +2 movement range.

Obviously, Jake's main downside is that he has no real use on maps that do not feature plains, and on those maps he may have to rely on his COP or SCOP to survive, since he'd have 100/100 d2d in all situations. He also doesn't compete well with the higher tier CO's, usually due to d2d bonuses. When choosing a CO, always check the map carefully to see what CO's will be viable.

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