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Grit is an indirect combat specialist, capable of outranging and outdamaging enemy indirects day-to-day. His direct units, while weak offensively, have good enough defense to defend his indirects, leading to situations where trying to attack a well-positioned clump of his indirects, infantry, and tanks is futile due to the heavy indirect counterattacks.

The only known counterstrategies to Grit are:

  1. Trying to disrupt him early so he cannot build a decent mass of indirects
  2. Picking offensive COs with the potential to destroy the meatshields deployed for his indirects


Indirect units have +1 Range and gain +20% attack. Direct units are 20% weaker (Footsoldiers are normal)

Power: Snipe Attack -- Indirect units gain +1 Range and +20% attack

Super: Super Snipe -- Indirect units gain +2 Range and +20% attack


Grit's indirects vastly outrange and outdamage indirect units of any other CO, an advantage that usually gets him banned in serious games. However, if he is unbanned and picked...

  • Build a lot more artillery and infantry than usual. A coherent group of infantry will be able to protect artillery and move in on objectives with support from indirects.
  • Rocket units are often unnecessary unless it's a Grit mirror match, or the enemy tries to counter with rockets himself; outside of that, artillery units are sufficient for the job due to their extra range.
  • Use Snipe Attack to snipe (heh) units just outside artillery range. Super Snipe does not provide any more attack boost, and is therefore used only to hit very well-protected enemy units.
  • Grit takes a while to ramp up; build tanks to cover areas in the early game and counter Anti-Air spam, or Anti-Airs to deal with B-Copters (whenever missiles are not enough). Later in the game, they still have some use as meatshields or cleanup.
  • Watch out for COs like Grimm, Max, Eagle, or Jess trying to rip through meatshields and into the indirects, especially with powers. Anti-Air spam can also be done by the enemy for the same effect. Provide extra layers of shielding when necessary. Alternatively, Tanks can be used to better protect the indirects.
  • Despite Grit's direct-unit weakness, he can still put up a decent fight with 100/100 footsoldiers. Fighting with footsoldiers is a good, albeit suboptimal, option.

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