Multiple HeadquartersEdit

In AWBW, you can place multiple HQs on a map for a country. However, note that losing any one of those HQs will result in a defeat for that player.

Units without a corresponding HQEdit

In AWBW, placing a country's units without giving them an HQ works differently. Instead of becoming "dummy" units like on the carts, they will disappear, however, with side effects that impact gameplay on that map. On AWBW, these units are referred to as "ghost units"; any tiles where these units are placed are considered to be "ghosted" and will have the following properties during gameplay:

  • Units cannot be built at this location
  • Units cannot be unloaded from a transport at this location
  • Units cannot load a transport at this location
  • Units cannot be joined at this location
  • Units cannot be spawned by other means at this location, such as Hachi/Sensei's SCOPs

Aside from these effects, the tile will behave normally, including granting income and healing/refueling friendly units in the case of properties (bases, ports, airports, cities, etc.). Also, note that despite the other impacts on loading/unloading transports, transport units on a ghosted tile can be unloaded normally, provided that the unit exiting the transport would not land on a ghosted tile.

While these effects may sound detrimental to gameplay, they can be used in very clever ways to enhance the design of a map. For example, ghost ports and airports will function similar to temporary (air)ports from Days of Ruin in that they provide a place to heal and refuel the corresponding units without allowing players to use these sites to deploy more units. Similarly, a ghost port could be used as a bridge that both land and sea units can traverse, without offering the potential to be a production facility.

Breaking map limitsEdit

As you may have noticed, there are maps that have more than 8 players, maps that are beyond the 40x40 limits, and maps with black squares, which cost 0 movement points. To do this, all you have to do is create a text (notepad) file. In that text file, make a line of periods. (.......) If you want a black square, then use a space instead of a period in that place. To set an amount of players, use an appropriate number of i's instead of periods (i.e. a 14 player map will have 14 i's). The size of the map depends on the line of dots; if you want a 32x20 map, then have 20 lines with 32 characters in each. Once you're done, go to the upload function in Design Maps, and upload the text file in AWBW format. Then you can edit it to whatever you need.

Warning: Do not unpublish a map with more than 8 players. If you do, you don't be able to re-publish it, and you'll be forced to re-upload the text file.

To have a map beyond the 40x40 dimensions, copy this code into a text file, and save the file as an html file (by adding .html to the name when saving the file), then run the file.

<form name=create action= method=post>

Name:<input class=text name=maps_name>
Height:<input class=text name=maps_height>
Width:<input class=text name=maps_width>
Number of players:<input class=text name=maps_players>

<input class=submit type=submit value=Submit> <input type=hidden name=maps_new value=1> </form>

As of yet, it is unknown how to merge extremely large maps with black squares and >8 players

List of Known GlitchesEdit

  • In tag matches 2nd CO's power gauge has many bugs.
  • There are reported issues when very high movement units attempt to cross black tiles.
  • Units cannot be moved into the top left corner of maps (coordinate 0,0) via black tiles.
  • The damage calculator cannot correctly measure funds lost in counterattacks. Miscalculations often occur when the unit of a Colin, Hachi or Kanbei recieves damage.
  • In Fog of War, all players have vision of pipe seams, including broken pipe seams that are counted as plains.
  • If units are placed on a map without their corresponding HQ or Lab, they will disappear during gameplay. These are known as ghost units, and they prevent any units from being spawned at the location where they were placed. See "Units without a corresponding HQ" section above for more detail.
  • Using a weather CO's powers may not change the weather itself, mostly seen when Drake or Olaf use their SCOP one right after the other. The mass damage will go through, but the weather will not change. Additionally, in multiplayer games, if Olaf is defeated or resigns while his power is active, the weather will continue as snow for the remainder of the match.
  • Von Bolt's SCOP does not always stun units on their next turn. Specifically, attacking a stunned unit may cause it to lose its stunned status.
  • Using the screenshot button in Fog of War while Purple Lightning is in the game, you see all properties owned by this nation.
  • In some situations it is not shown when an unit is short on ammunition; missile units are known to have this error.

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