Aw2drake Power6


A bighearted former pirate who hates fighting. Also a great surfer. Dude! [why is being a surfer even mentioned?]

Hit: The sea

Miss: High places


Naval units have +1 Movement and +25% defense; Aircraft is -20% weaker in attack; movement unaffected by Rain (vision is affected by rain); it's more likely to rain in random weather

CO Power: Tsunami -- All enemy units lose 1 HP (to a minimum of 1). Enemy units lose half their fuel

Super CO Power: Typhoon -- All enemy units lose 2 HP (to a minimum of 1) and half their fuel. Weather changes to Rain (1 day)

Strategy Edit

Drake is perfectly equipped to dominate sea battles and tends to be almost broken on island-hopping and heavy naval maps. Outside of that, his only saving grace is in his bland 100/100 land units and his powers.

In maps with no naval units, or ones where the only viable naval units are transports, Drake will have to use every land-based tactic in the book to gain an advantage over any other CO. Stay away from deploying 80/100 air units, they're too weak to be of any decent use. (You will find it very hard to get copter + tank two-hit KOs, especially vs 100/100 tanks on cities)

It is recommended to use his CO powers upon getting sufficient charge; this will help you get more kills on enemy units, as well as preventing the enemy from killing yours. Picking Drake on larger maps will let you get more Tsunamis and Typhoons off, making your life easier.

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