Denoted as xxxXXXX where x = small star and X = big star.

Every star is worth 9000 funds at the start of the game. Each additional use of CO Power (including SCOP) increase the value of each star by 1800 funds up to the tenth usage; after which, it won't increase any further.

Stars on the Charge Meter can be charged in two ways:

  1. Damaging your opponent's units. You gain meter equal to half the fund damage you deal. Missile tiles and black bombs do not count.
  2. Receiving damage from your opponent. You gain meter equal to the fund damage you take. This includes damage received from counterattacks.

Keep in mind that AWBW only keeps track of real numbers for the purpose of Charge Meter calculation. That means withstanding a 57% attack and ending up with 5 HP only adds 0.5*full cost of unit to the Charge Meter.

In Summary, the amount of charge added to the meter (attack and counterattack) can be calculated as:


(0.5*0.1*Damage Dealt*Cost of Defending Unit)+(0.1*Damage Received*Cost of Attacking Unit)


(0.1*Damage Received*Cost of Defending Unit)+ (0.5*0.1*Damage Dealt*Cost of Attacking Unit)

It should be noted that a CO's meter does not charge during the turn they activate a power.

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