Unit Classification Direct Air Vehicle
Movement 7
Ammo 9
Vision 2
Movement Type Air
Cost 22000

These guys strike fear along the battlefield. One-hit killing anything on roads, and crippling anything to 1hp makes these one of the best barrier breakers in the game. Be wary, as an AA might not kill it with one attack, but it will do enough damage to make the bomber a waste of money once damaged by a unit that is 1/3 of it´s price.

Think of it as a demolisher, send it to open the path for your other units, cover it so it cant be attacked.

Bombers don't come in to play often as they are very expensive and players tend to prefer unit count over high-tech stuff. A bomber will come in play during stalemates and in fronts where the airports are very close. Your opponent will have a hard time countering one if not prepared.

Ideal Targets/Tactics

  • Almost every ground and naval-based unit, particularly indirect-fire units.
  • "Open a Corridor": Damage/Destroy blocking units.

Hard Counters

  • Missile Launchers
  • Carriers
  • Anti-Air Guns
  • Fighters: As they can easily cripple a Bomber, if not one-hit kill it.
  • Cruisers