Unit Classification Indirect Sea Vehicle
Range 2-6
Movement 5
Ammo 9
Vision 4
Movement Type Water
Cost 28000

Of all the high-cost units, the Battleships is probably the most-cost effective even though it´s also one of the most expensive. A battleship makes all enemy artilleries useless, and only two well guarded rockets may try to take down a battleship, but that would be not advisable. Battleships are strong, they have an incredible range and they are hard to destroy.

A battleship´s usage is determined by how much of the map it can cover with it´s range. For example in maps where there is a large extension of sea that goes along the frontlines or between them is a perfect spot for battleships. These units will constantly push the opponent back with it´s big range as any meatshields set by the opponent will get disrupted by it.

However, be wary, as copters going into the sea to attack the Bship will be hard to destroy.