Unit Classification Direct Air Vehicle
Movement 6
Ammo 6
Vision 3
Movement Type Air
Cost 9000

The cheapest air unit able to attack, the B-Copter is an important unit in every map that has airports.

B-Copters do fair damage to a number of units, and are either very easily damaged by, either nearly immune to other units types. B-Copter are strong against tanks.

The best counters to B-Copters are Anti-Air, B-Copters, and of course stronger air units and ranged anti-air units.

Being air units, B-Copter's ability to switch fronts easily will shine in terrain-heavy maps, with mountains, forests, rivers and seas.

It's not easy to kill anything in one shot with a B-Copter, but saving up for a stronger unit is not always a good choice, because stronger units cost a lot more and are as easily damaged by Anti-Airs.

Like all air units, B-Copters do not get defense bonuses from the terrain type, and can be seen in forests in fog of war.

Building a copter every turn plus building from every base is a sureway to get a fast unit count advantage over your opponent (which, as awbw metagame has it, unit count is perhaps the most important aspect of the game). If you can afford another copter this turn without hindering any front, by all means build it along with units from other bases. Build copters but dont sent them boldly into the opponent to get killed by AAs. Use them to cover fronts, to cover chokepoints so your opponent cant effectively set an indirect barrier. In time, your opponent either wont have enough AAs to cover a full-on attack by your copters or he will have bought too much AAs so your tanks can have their way into your opponents ranks.