Unit Classification Direct, Ground Vehicle
Movement 6
Ammo 9
Vision 2
Movement Type Treads
Cost 8000


As the name implies, the Anti-Air's main role is to destroy air units. They are extremely cost effective at its job. The Anti-Air OHKOs Battle Copters and has a 75 base damage against bombers despite the fact that both units are cost 9000 and 22000 respectively. This makes Anti-Air a staple unit for any map with an airport.

Often times the Anti-Air will stay behind the front lines to cover units against Battle Copters or Bombers. However, the high base damage against infantry-type units enables it to destroy the opponent's meatshields so that other units take a shot at the units behind. In rare cases, Anti-Airs will also be used to finish off wounded tanks or wound recons and indirects.


Tank - Any kind of tank hard counter the Anti-Air but a weakened normal tank will take significant counterattack from an Anti-Air on decent terrain. For example, a 6 HP tank on plain deals a measly 27% against an Anti-Air on city and takes 18% on the counterattack resulting in 4-7. A weakened tank also loses to a full HP Anti-Air so you must attack first.

Mech - The mech requires a meatshield or you must have 2 mechs to 1 Anti-Air. Anti-Air must be on light terrain.