UPDATE -- 20 June 2014 .. AWBW is back up.  Still we must work to keep awbw or online AW alive so please contribute your ideas and keep informed in the new forum linked below,

NEWSFLASH ---12 June 2014 --- AWBW mainsite has been down for a week and looks like it may be a while before it gets up. Other AW online alternatives and AWBW news see the new forum link below, particularly AW news topic.


This wiki was created as a resource for new and old members alike. We need more contributors so we can work faster! All help is welcome! KTHX.


New Forum ( from jan2014)

or can be accessed via awbw chat. Beginners please note that nowadays bugs are not rapidly fixed, and so the bug forum is not attended to much. so if you have a serious issue you could try general forum.

Forum Note. This Old Forum has been down for several months as of april 2014 ,, some info from old forum is available from wayback machine archive

General /Special leagues

New Official/Global League

Table of Contents

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