Much of what follows below is from EchelonThree's guide from the now down/broken old AWBW forum.

Note the "create game" option treated below may have been used in early days when awbw had only a handfull of maps, but it is very awkward to use nowadays with thousands of maps to choose from. People find games or find maps to play on in other ways usually.. See beginners guide. Nontheless, this section below detailing the create game option does still contain lots of useful details regarding all the game settings which you may need whichever way you use to get a game.


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Creating A Game

Game Options

Game Options
  1. Game Name - Self explanatory - What your game will be called.
  2. Game Password - If you leave the password blank, the game will appear in Waiting [Public] and anyone can join. If you enter a password, the game will appear in Waiting [Private] and only someone who knows the password can join.
  3. Map - Select a map to play on, a preview will be show on the bottom right corner, along with whatever properties the map has. Maps are also grouped into categories, which you can find using the [Categories] link.
  4. Team - Check the box for team play; you can also assign teams at the start game screen.
  5. Country - Select which country you want. This affects the turn order for the game. Note, you can change your country color later, but it won't affect the turn order then.
  6. CO - Choose your CO. Note that you can change your CO later also if you change your mind.
  7. Tag - Choose if you want tag powers to be on (from AW:DS; note that Tag powers work slightly differently on AWBW than in AW:DS).
  8. Tag CO - Choose your tag CO, in addition to the CO you picked above (only if you selected Tags to be on).
  9. CO Powers - Decide whether CO powers should be on. NOTE - This means no day-to-day abilities and no COP or SCOP.
  10. Fog - Decide whether fog of war will be used.
  11. Weather - Choose the weather the battle will be fought in. Random gives a 85% chance of clear, with 10% chance of rain and 5% chance of snow.
  12. Starting Funds - Decide how much funding each side will start with.
  13. Funds per Turn - Decide how much funding each property will give (towers and labs don't count towards funding).
  14. Capture: If turned on, this determines how many properties a player needs to be declared the victor. Once a player hits that capture limit, they win automatically. Note that labs count towards this number.
  15. Days - Allows you to set how many turns the game will last. Ranges from Off, no limit, to any ammount between 5 and 99.
  16. Boot Interval - Determines how long a player has to move before he is forcibly resigned from the game. Any action in the game will reset the boot timer to the maximum number.
  17. AET Interval- Determines how many days a player has to complete his turn before his turn is automatically ended. Unlike the Boot Interval, an action in the game will NOT reset this timer, so you have to complete your entire turn before this timer reaches it's limit to avoid being AET'd. Setting the AET Interval to a shorter time than the Boot Interval will make it impossible for a player to get booted from the game.
    Okay, AET and Boot.... let's put it this way....
    Say I play a game with my usual settings: Boot Interval = 5, AET Interval = 7.
    My opponent decides to start stalling the game. (when the first timer reaches 0 he will be booted, when the second timer reaches 0 his turn is ended and it will be my turn).
    So it'll go like this.Day 0 - I end my turn. 5/7 boot/aet Day 1 - 4/6 boot/aet Day 2 - 3/5 Day 3 - 2/4 Now... on day 4, he decides to move ONE infantry! His boot interval will be reset. Day 4 - 5/3 Notice how his AET interval was not reset. Day 5 - 4/2 Day 6 - 3/1 He moves another infantry Day 7 - 5/0 On day 8, his turn is ended when the AET/Boot script is run (at about 1:00am EST).
    Note, you will not be booted or AET'd until your counter reaches -1. A boot/aet of 0 will not get you booted.
  18. Comment - An optional comment that can be added under all of the listed settings when viewing the game on the Waiting list. This comment disappears once a game is started.
  19. Preview - Shows a preview of the selected map as a minimap and a count of all the properties on the map.

Game Restrictions

  1. Bans
    CO Bans - Determines which COs will be banned from the game. Checking a Banned CO and then picking the same CO on the CO drop down menu will give you an error.
  2. Unit Bans - Determines which Units will be banned from being built in the game. If a Banned unit is already predeployed on the map, it will remain there but more of said unit will not be able to be built.
  3. Lab Units - Any units checked as Lab Units will not be able to be built if you do not control any Labs. If you start with or capture a Lab on the map, you'll then be able to build the units designated here as normal.

Starting and Returning to Your Games

{C}To start a game, you have to go to the "Your Games" page and click on start game. You can only start a game once the appropriate number of players have joined.

The "Your Games" page is also the place to set teams if the game is set for them. On the right hand side, there will be a drop down box to set each player to be on a specific team (Team A-F). Once the teams are set, click the "Update Teams" box below the drop down menu to finish.

You may abort any game you create at any point by selecting "Delete Game". This is generally considered bad form, unless your opponent(s) is okay with it.

To go to games where it is your turn to move, go to "Your Turn Games" and choose the game you want to make your moves on. The games on "Your Turn Games" will be arranged in the order of games with the lowest time until boot or AET.

Playing the Game

Building Units {C}To build a unit, you have to click on a production facility (base/airport/port), and select the unit you want to build. Units you can build will be in green, while units you cannot build will be in black. Crossed out units are units that you can only build if you own a lab.

The funds required to build the unit will be deducted from your "Funds", under the game map.

Moving Units {C}To move your units, you have 2 options. 1) Click "Move" and then the space you'd like to move to (possibilities are in red). 2) Click "Set Path". This allows you to select the specific path for your units to take (not usually needed out of Fog of war).

Fire is pretty self-explanatory. The options for firing will show up in red, and when you move your mouse over them it will tell you the base damage that your attack will do. Don't forget to factor in luck though! Note that some units cannot move and fire in the same turn (indirect units).

Wait is commanding your unit to stop all actions. It can be done before or after moving. The Wait command is generally not needed in AWBW and is very rarely (if ever) used.

Delete will delete your own unit. You do not receive the funds for this unit when you delete it; it is just gone. You cannot delete a unit you have already moved, either.

Capture - This option will become available for infantry or mechs if they are on a neutral or enemy property. Every property starts with 20 capture points and is reduced by an amount equal to your unit's HP every time you capture. Once the number is reduced to 0, the property is yours.

The CO Bars

Most COs (Von Bolt is the only exception) have a 2-part CO bar, a (generally) shorter one with small boxes, and the (generally) longer one comprising the large boxes.

These will fill up as you deal and take damage. WE REALLY NEED THE POWER BAR CHARGING FORMULA POSTING HERE or at least some approximation (and the exact details need posting under CO section)

Once you have dealt or taken enough damage to fill your CO meter to the proper level, you can use your COP or SCOP. If you can use your COP, a blue box with a gold star appears next to the power meter. To use your CO power, click the star. If you can use your SCOP, a blue box with 3 stars appears. To use the super CO power, click the box with the 3 stars on it. A CO with the CO power activated is outlined by a red box, the super CO power outline is a blue box.

In the CO bar area, you'll see 4 options, Resign, Set Draw, Tag CO (only if tag powers are on) and End Turn.

Resign and End turn are fairly obvious, while Set Draw is the setting to offer a draw to your opponent. If your opponent accepts the draw, he would click on his set draw button and the game would end in a draw. You can choose to unset any draw after offering one by clicking the "Unset Draw" button (only appears if you have already set a draw). Note that you cannot resign unless it is your turn.

Tag CO means that you switch over to your tag CO, and then your turn instantly ends.

Games With Labs Instead of HQs, and Games With Multiple HQs

In games with multiple HQs, if you lose one, you lose instantly.

*Courtesy of Smackcakes* {C}"Basically you can have multiple HQs and Labs on a map. The difference between them is that losing any HQ will put you out of the game instantly. Losing a lab will only put you out of the game if you don't have any other labs or HQs remaining.

For example if you have 3 HQs, losing one will put you out of the game, whereas if you have 3 labs, you would need to lose all 3 to be out of the game. If you have labs and HQs on a map then the labs don't really mean much, since losing the HQ will cost you the game no matter what.

Labs also have a secondry role, which is they allow you to build lab units. Lab units can be set at the start of the game and count as banned if you don't own a Lab.

Labs provide 3 star terrain defense but don't give you any income or repairs."

Also, if you have labs and HQs, losing all of your labs does not cause you to lose the game.

Supply Scripts

Supply scripts are executed before the beginning of your turn, before fuel deductions from air and sea units. Supply goes for both ammo and fuel.

The units that can resupply are APCs, cruisers, carriers, and black boats. Note that carriers only resupply air units that have landed on it, just as cruisers will resupply any 1 or 2 copters (b. copters and/or t. copters) that are loaded onto it. Putting units adjacent to cruisers or carriers will NOT resupply them. APCs will automatically resupply all adjacent units at the start of your turn (or you may command one to do so after a move or without moving at all), while black boats will not.

With black boats, to manually repair a unit just use the repair option. The repair cost will be deducted automatically from your funds. Note that a unit may be repaired before it undertakes any action. Black boats cannot move after repairing though, and repairing also resupplies the repaired unit's ammo and fuel.

Missile Silos

Missile silos can be used to fire a single missile at the enemy, dealing 3 damage to the regardless of terrain or defense. Missiles will also damage your own or your teammates' units, so be careful about where you fire them.

The blast radius is 2 squares from the center, remember that the damage will be done in a 2x2 diamond.

Click the launch command to fire the missile, and a grid will appear.